At Barnes & Nobles reading Whisky Advocate. No interest in drinking Tullamore Dew but helloooooo irish boys! I mean, uh,… good ad.

sans-serif fangirling

Decided my new thing is going to be chiming in enthusiastically when people wax nostalgic for the 90s but then reveal I’m referring to the 1890s


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Anaïs Mitchell - Two Kids.

I get to see/hear her tonight! Gonna try and not cry all over the place. No promises.





works for me.

i need to do some science tonight.

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Really pleased to be able to present these dudes. Brian Dunne, Ken Yates, November 1st, pertinent info all here. They sound like the Milk Carton Kids with a dash of Gregory Alan Isakov. BE HERE.

music for this season

So. I’m aware I talk about Anais Mitchell a lot (she’s got a new album out which I haven’t bought yet and she’s also on tour so imma go hear her and buy it then).

But this album from 2004 is priceless & poignant. Not kidding, I have listened to it 15 times straight through in the past two weeks.

Lyrics are here

from a few weeks ago. the new Gottesdienst, plus smoke and firewater.